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Articles for Dr. DAC prime

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Article Date
Where can I find the Mac OS X driver for my USB interface? 2012-04-21
Control Panel shows "disabled" after reconnecting the device 2012-04-27
Installation of the Dr. DAC driver under Windows 2012-04-19
Mac: clicks and noise when recording and during playback 2014-08-20
Specifications for the Dr. DAC prime power supply 2012-06-19
Can I use Dr. DAC prime standalone without computer? 2014-05-27
Can I use more than one Dr. DAC prime with one system? 2012-12-12
Can I use Dr. DAC prime under Linux? 2015-07-30

General articles

Article Date
"Device requires further installation" in Device Manager 2015-08-25
Comments about new Windows installations 2015-08-24
Do I have to disable my onboard soundcard? 2012-04-28
What is a ZIP file and how do I install a driver from it? 2012-04-16
What is a DMG file and how do I install a driver from it? 2012-04-16
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