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Mac: clicks and noise when recording and during playback

On some newer Mac models (like some Mac Pro, some iMac models oder also the MacBook Pro with Retina display) using Mac OS X 10.7 and higher, it is possible that the usage of our USB audio hardware can produce clicks, drop outs and noise when recording (and sometimes during playback) in multichannel applications such as Logic, Cubase, Garageband, etc. - the reason is a change in the Apple hardware that has influence on USB performance.

If you notice issues like that, change the buffer settings inside your application first (if available). Some audio applications offer such settings in order to improve the performance especially when working with larger projects that affect the computer more.

If the setting is not available or if it does not change anything, then try the following: launch Terminal from the Utilities folder. In the command prompt that appears then, enter the following command:

sudo nvram boot-args="dart=0x0"

If prompted to enter your password, do so. After that reboot your computer to see if the problem still appears.

If you ever need to restore the original settings, go to Terminal again and enter the following command:

sudo nvram -d boot-args

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