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What is a ZIP file and how do I install a driver from it?

Files with the .zip extension are compressed archives or folders that make downloading a complete set of files more easy. Normally you download a driver as a simple file with .zip extension.

Before you are able to install the content, you need to completely extract all the files. Under Windows, you can click Extract All after double clicking on the file and then follow the instructions on screen to extract the files into a folder of your choice. It is generally recommended to create a new folder for this. This process is often called "unzipping". If you have any problems unzipping the file, you can also use an utility like WinZip or any other program that can extract files from a .zip archive.

Under Mac OS X, files with .zip extension are normally opened automatically after downloading. If not, simply clicking on it in Finder will extract the archive automatically into a folder. There are also other utilities to unzip files, however in most cases the built-in functions of Mac OS X are enough.

After unzipping, you can proceed with the driver installation by following the instructions in the manual of the product or the readme file for the download.

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