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Comparison of different GIGAPORT models

Over time, ESI has released a number of different products with the GIGAPORT name. This text explains about the differences between GIGAPort AG, GIGAPORT HD and GIGAPORT HD+. The models are described first, followed by a table that mentions details.

Please note that there is also a product called GIGAPort DG. It is a small compact interface that on the driver side is virtually identical to GIGAPort AG, however it features a single ADAT compatible optical output providing 8 digital audio channels. As this makes the product quite different, it does not appear in the table and description below.


GIGAPort AG is the original version of our 8 channel analog output USB audio interface. In a blue colored plastic case, depending on the production run either with white or red/black colored RCA outputs, it provides 8 analog outputs and a optical S/PDIF output as well as a headphone output in a compact device directly connecting to USB. Driver support is provided by a special USB ASIO driver (check information here).


GIGAPORT HD is the upgrade of GIGAPort AG. It no longer features an S/PDIF optical output, but instead adds a second headphone output. It features black RCA connectors and a dark nearly black colored plastic case. Also it adds a full EWDM driver for Windows (check the detailed info for multichannel playback here).


The later GIGAPORT HD+ is another upgrade, this time in a more compact nice aluminium metal case and with a detachable USB cable and some improvements in terms of audio quality. As it's predecessor, it features a full EWDM driver for Windows (check the detailed info for multichannel playback here).

Comparison Table

The following table shows the important differences between these versions:

colors / case plastic, blue plasic, black aluminium, white & silver
aprox. dimensions 17cm x 8cm x 2.5cm 17cm x 8cm x 2.5cm 12cm x 7cm x 2cm
analog output channels 8 8 8
analog line output connectors RCA RCA RCA
USB connection fixed fixed detachable mini-USB
2 channel optical digital output yes no no
2 channel headphone output (mix) yes, 1/8" (info) yes, 1/8" (info) yes, 1/4" (info)
2 channel headphone output (channel 1/2) no yes, 1/8" (info) yes, 1/4" (info)
full EWDM driver support under Windows no yes yes
ASIO support under Windows yes yes yes
product description & picture click here click here click here

Other important features such as Mac OS X compatibility are virtually identical between the three products, so they are not listed specificially on this table. Check the inidividual product page and / or product manuals to get information about detailed specifications.

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