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"Determining connected device(s) failed" error message

If the error message "Determining connected device(s) failed" message appears during driver installation under Windows, it normally indicates that the ESI USB product you are trying to install the driver for has not been properly connected to the USB port when the installer requests it, or Windows has not detected the device yet. For example, under Windows XP the message looks something like this:

In order to avoid this issue, please note these:

  • make sure you have downloaded the correct driver for your ESI product and not for a different product
  • make sure that you wait at least a couple of seconds before clicking Next on the previous installer dialog to give your computer and Windows enough time to detect the USB device
  • make sure the USB cable has been connected properly to the computer
  • if a USB hub is used, make sure it is connected properly, powered (if required) and working

Most commonly this error message appears with the RoMI/O and MIDI Mate (Rev. A) device drivers when there is an attempt to install the for a different hardware revision of RoMI/O and/or MIDIMATE (i.e. a RoMI/O II or MIDIMATE II). If you are using a RoMI/O or MIDIMATE MIDI interface, please double check this:

  • you cannot install the RoMI/O driver with RoMI/O II (RoMI/O II works without any driver)
  • you cannot install the MIDI Mate Rev. A driver for MIDIMATE Rev. B (MIDIMATE Rev. B has a separate driver download)
  • you cannot install the MIDI Mate Rev. A driver for MIDIMATE II (MIDIMATE II works without any driver)

To get more information, please check this Knowledge Base article about RoMI/O models and variants and this Knowledge Base article about MIDIMATE models and variants.

If you are 100% sure that the driver you are trying to install is correct for the device you have and the message still constantly appears, there might be a hardware problem on your system or a hardware defect (cable, connection, actaul fault of the ESI product, USB port on your computer, etc.). So please double check everything above first, possibly try it on another computer and if you cannot resolve it with that information, contact our technical support with as much detail about the issue as possible. Please include the serial number of the ESI product if known / available.

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