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Comparison of different RoMI/O models

Over time, ESI has released a number of different products with the RoMI/O name. This text explains about the differences. The different models are described first, followed by a table that mentions the differences of them.


RoMI/O consists of 3 cables with male DIN connectors connected to a plastic case which has a USB connction cable on the other end. The cables are either gray (in that case the inside of the plastic case is gray/silver) or white (in which case the inside of the plastic case is also white). It looks like visible on the picture above.


RoMI/O II consists of a round plastic case that has two female DIN connectors and a USB cable on one side and two male DIN connection cables on the other. The cables are transparent / silver while the PCB inside the transparent plastic case is white. Please note that there are two hardware revisions of RoMI/O II, Rev A and Rev B. Which one you have can be identified by checking the rating sticker on the bottom of the unit. The following picture shows the sticker of either version:

The revsion B has Rev B written at the bottom of the sticker. If you are still unsure or if the sticker is not readable or has been removed, the PCB of Rev A and Rev B looks different. While you can see metal like small circles on Rev A on many internal connectors, they are mostly covered in white paint on the PCB of Rev B.

Comparison Table

The following table shows the important differences between these versions:

 RoMI/ORoMI/O II / Rev. ARoMI/O II / Rev. B
colorssilver or whitetransparent / whitetransparent / white
number of DIN connectors3 male2 male / 2 female2 male / 2 female
number of input ports / channels1 / 162 / 322 / 32
number of output ports / channels2 / 322 / 322 / 32
Windows 2000 supportyes, via drivernono
Windows XP supportyes, optional driveryes, nativeyes, native
Windows Vista 32-bit supportyes, via drivernoyes, native
Windows Vista 64-bit supportyes, via drivernoyes, native
Windows 7 32-bit supportyes, via drivernoyes, native
Windows 7 64-bit supportyes, via drivernoyes, native
Windows 8 32-bit supportyes, via drivernoyes, native
Windows 8 64-bit supportyes, via drivernoyes, native
Mac OS X supportyes, nativeyes, nativeyes, native
product description & pictureclick hereclick hereclick here

"native" means that no driver installation is required and that no driver is available for download. You simply plug in the cable to the computer and the built-in support of the operating system for so-called class compliant devices supports the interface.

"optional driver" means that although the device is supported by the built-in driver for the operating system, we provide a driver for download that can be installed.

"via driver" means that a driver is required for the interface to work on that particular operating system.

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