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Differences aktiv 08 Revision A and Revision B

aktiv 08 is produced in two different hardware revisions: Revision A (no standby) and Revision B (with standby).

You can recognize Revision B with the "Revision B" writing next to the power connector. If this is missing, the unit has Revision A.

The newer Revision B is shipped since late 2012 to retailers around Europe. However, Revision A is still available especially in other parts of the world. There are no significant differences between the two models. They are identical in sound and performance, they use the same high frequency and low frequency drivers and the same amplifier and crossover circuitries.

The main difference is the standby energy saving functionality of Revision B, which can be controlled via the POWER MODE switch on the back panel which can be activated (STANDBY) or deactivated (ON). When it is activated, aktiv 08 automatically goes into a power saving sleep mode when no audio signal is played after some time. Once the signal returns, playback also resumes.

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