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Xjam - Artesia Pro vs. ESI

You might have wondered that our Xjam is sometimes advertised as an ESI product and sometimes as a product from Artesia Pro. This is intended, it is one and the same product with no difference. Typically in North America, you will see Artesia Pro mentioned more often, while in Europe and other parts of the world, you will commonly see ESI.

The background story is that Artesia Pro and ESI have teamed up in partnership to continue the Xkey product line previously offered by CME. This is also why Xjam features a design matching the well-known Xkey series of MIDI controller keyboards.

While ESI is responsible for product engineering and development of these new "X" products and handling all the service and support for Xkey and Xjam, we do this in close partnership with Artesia Pro (based in San Diego, CA) as a leader in electronic musical instruments and music production equipment, mobile and home pianos and electronic percussion products.

In conclusion, no matter if advertised as Artesia Pro or ESI, Xjam is always the very same cool MIDI Pad Controller that can be a matching companion to Xkey and also works fine on its own.

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