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Xjam Editor App 1.06, firmware update issues

In some rare cases on Windows 10 / Windows 11 systems, it can unfortunately happen that the automatic Xjam-firmware update function of the Xjam Editor App 1.06 fails since it cannot find the unit on the USB port due to other USB activity on the computer. In this case, the Xjam hardware is locked in so-called "boot mode" indicated by a red EDIT button that is constantly lit.

This problem won't appear if you are using a later version of the Xjam Editor App and the firmware has previously been updated. Also it does not appear when using macOS.

How can I perform the firmware update and get the Xjam working again?

In rare cases as this, there the firmware update can alternatively be performed manually.

Click here to download the firmware file. When you unzip it, you will get a file with the name Xjam_Main_Vxxx.bin (where xxx is the version number of the firmware).

Store this .bin file to your local hard drive. In the Xjam Editor App, use the Select ROM button within the Xjam Update area. Then localize the Xjam_Main_Vxxx.bin file. Press the Update ROM button to perform the update. Don't unplug the Xjam device until prompted.

Xjam will work normally again after this.

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