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Compatibility with Windows 11

Microsoft has started with the release process of Windows 11. This page contains information about Windows 11 compatibility of our products.

We already released an updated Windows 11 driver for the following products that you can find on the individual download page:

The following products have been tested successfully with the Windows 10 driver under Windows 11 and there are no limitations:

Our current MIDI interfaces and controllers work with Windows 11 without any driver installation (as an option you can also install our universal MIDI Port driver in v1.5):

If a product is not listed on this page, it means that we either have not completed our tests for it yet or we cannot offer technical support for it anymore since it is an old legacy item. We are working on compatiblity tests now and will update this page with further information once more test results are available. We do assume that all those products that are Windows 10 compatible will eventually work with Windows 11 without limitations, however right now we suggest to wait with an upgrade at least until you will find your product listed on this page as being compatible.

Please note that the official minimum system requirements for Windows 11 have changed compared to previous Windows versions significantly - for instance, an active Trusted Platform Module 2.0 is required. Many PCs that work fine with Windows 10 do not fulfill these minium requirements and we won't be able to provide technical support for systems that are not supported by Microsoft. You can find more information about Windows 11 via Microsoft. Please also note the compatibility information from the vendors of the audio software you intend to use under Windows 11. Not every Windows 10 compatible application will work without problems under Windows 11.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support.

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