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How can I download the Realphones ESI Edition software?

Every eXtra 10 and U22 XT cosMik Set comes bundled with a license of the Realphones ESI Edition headphone modeling software from dSONIQ.

Based on when the hardware was produced, a postcard with a serial code in the form ESI-****-****-**** printed on it is included. If such a postcard is not included inside your product packaging, you can request your serial code from us. For that, simply fill out our form on this page.

Once you have the serial code, you need to go to and enter the serial code there. Then you can click Verify on that page and after that download either the Windows or the Mac version of the Realphones ESI Edition.

Please also note that with your serial code you are also able to order Realphones Professional Pack from dSONIQ with a discount.

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