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Can I connect my FireWire interface to the USB port?

Since most modern computers no longer have FireWire connectors, this question comes up in our technical support. It is not possible to connect our FireWire devices (QuataFire 610, QuataFire XL and DuaFire) to the USB port, even with any type of adapter. USB and FireWire are totally different type of interfaces.

For desktop PCs, there are FireWire adapters available that can be installed as PCI or PCIe card, some of them might work. For Macintosh computers that support Thunderbolt, Apple provides a Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 adapter, which -combined with another adapter to FireWire 400- should work with our interface.

That said, please remember that our FireWire interfaces are now quite old. FireWire has become a legacy connection standard. As a result, we no longer are able to provide the full level of technical support, especially with later operating system versions.

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