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How can I setup my studio monitors optimally?

The positioning of loudspeakers is to a not inconsiderable extent responsible for their performance. Therefore it is important to optimally position the monitors in the room.

Usually 2 loudspeakers are used as a stereo pair. In a surround setup, correspondingly more monitors are used (for example, a 5.1 setup could be set up with 5 aktiv 05 and a subwoofer like our aktiv 10s quickly).

In addition to the setup in the room described below, it is also helpful to adjust the vertical angles of the monitors in order to align them optimally with the listener - our uniK 05+ and uniK 08+ models include adjustable rubber feet for this purpose.

Stereo / "2.0" Positioning

Two units and the listener should be positioned or aligned in a regular triangle form. Please refer to the following diagram to understand how to position your monitors. Each distance x should be identical.

Stereo with Subwoofer / "2.1" Positioning

In a stereo setup with an added subwoofer, the subwoofer speaker should be positioned ideally in the middle in front of the listener (with the same distance x). If this is not possible, it should be close to that position.

Surround / "5.1" Positioning

In a 5.1 surround set, the center speaker should ideally be placed on top of the subwoofer. If this is not possible, the subwoofer can be moved to the left or right but should close. The rear surround speakers should be positioned around 110? from the center speaker (all with the same distance x).

Surround / "7.1" Positioning

In a 7.1 surround set, the center speaker should also ideally be placed on top of the subwoofer or as close as possible. The surround speakers are best placed 90? from the center speaker and the back surround speakers are best placed 135? to 150? from the center speaker. All speakers should be placed with the same distance x to the listener.

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