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Comparison of MAYA44 XTe and MAYA44 eX

Our MAYA44 eX is the direct replacement product for MAYA44 XTe. Both provide the same functionality and features, including the 4 input and 4 output channels, the optical S/PDIF I/O, the microphone preamp, Hi-Z input and headphone output.

Still there are some differences: the newer MAYA44 eX features a better power section, ensuring better audio quality in certain problematic PC systems. Also it has a different PCIe controller chip that improves performance on PC mainboards with generation 2 and generation 3 PCIe chipsets. This also solves some compatibility issues with older mainboards that previously required a BIOS update from their vendors to work with MAYA44 XTe - something that is usually not needed for MAYA44 eX.

You can find a comparison with other PCI/PCIe cards in this article.

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