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"Device requires further installation" in Device Manager

From Windows 10 users, we sometimes get asked about an event that is displayed in the device properties in Device Manager and looks like this:

The entry under Device install requested lists the device name and says Device requires further installation. We have been asked if this means that the driver might not be installed properly.

Actually, if you look at the list, you will see that even though the entry in the list of Events might be the top one, the Timestamp is older than the entries below. This means that this message is normal and has no significant meaning at all, even though it can be confusing and previous Windows versions did not show something similar. If there is an entry called Device installed somewhere under it in the list, then you can assume that the driver for your device is properly installed. Only if this is missing and you have issues with installing the driver, please follow the instructions on driver installation for your ESI product as listed in or Knowledge Base and / or in the printed manual for your product.

For a fresh installation of Windows, we have provided this article for further troubleshooting and if you are using a PCI / PCIe card and upgraded to Windows 10, please check this.

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