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192kHz support of S/PDIF output of Juli@ / Juli@ XTe

We sometimes get asked about the optical and coaxial S/PDIF outputs of Juli@ / Juli@ XTe and their support of higher samplerates like 192kHz.

In the specifications, we give the information that the coaxial S/PDIF output supports up to 192kHz and that the optical output supports 'only' up to 96kHz. So why does the optical output not support 192kHz? Actually, it does:

The optical Toslink specifications of the standard optical transmitter components and cables we use, only include 96kHz and not 192kHz. Still, Juli@ / Juli@ XTe will output 192kHz signals as well through out the optical output. As this is beyond the official specifications, you will find many situations where a fine signal transfer is possible and it works just fine even with higher samplerates, depending on the quality of the used optical cable and especially depending on weather the optical input of your device on the other side supports 192kHz on its input. There are situations however where it will not work. So this depends individually on the combination of devices and while it works in many (even most) situations, in some it does not - so we can't guarantee it.

Obviously the analog outputs and integrated DA converters can be used with 192kHz signals.

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