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Can I use QuataFire 610 / QuataFire XL under Linux?

Yes - we actually have a number of customers using QuataFire 610 and QuataFire XL under Linux. However, please note that ESI does not develop Linux drivers inhouse, plus we do not do a lot of testing with different systems and Linux distributions.

Drivers that work with both devices are available through the open source and volunteer based FFADO project (

Due to the nature of the many different Linux distributions and variants and unlimited potential settings and the fact that the driver is actually not developed by us, we can only refer you to our experience that the product has been tested successfully and that a number of our customers are using it, but we cannot provide technical support for it. Please refer to the common online forums and discussion groups regarding audio under Linux and the FFADO project.

Please note that any reference regarding compatibility for QuataFire 610 can be understood as reference for QuataFire XL as well (and the other way round) - here is a descriptions of the differences.

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