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I hear the signal only on one of my speakers

The line outputs (and inputs) of MAYA44, MAYA44e, MAYA44 XTe and MAYA44 eX feature stereo 1/4" TRS connectors. If you connect mono 1/4" cables to it, for example one cable to output 1/2 and one cable to output 3/4, you will only get a mono playback signal and no stereo signal. This means you need to make sure that both left & right channels are connected to the same 1/4" connector on your audio interface.

The line input and line output connectors are unbalanced stereo, using a 1/4" TRS connection. This means that in order to have separate stereo connectors, it is best to use special cables like shown on the following picture. Such a cable converts one stereo (seen on the left) 1/4" jack with two mono (typically left/white and right/red, although colors are secondary) 1/4" jacks for the separate mono signals:

In such a cable, the tip of the stereo TRS connector is connected with the tip of the left TS connector. The ring of the stereo TRS connector is connected with the tip of the right TS connector. The sleeve is connected with sleeve / ground of both channel connectors. The same type of cables are typically used and sold as so-called "insert-cables" to connect effects units to many mixing consoles. This information might help you when you want to make or purchase such a cable.

Another option would be to use adapters. There are many different variants, as one example, the following converts one 1/4" stereo signal (as provided by MAYA44, MAYA44e, MAYA44 XTe and MAYA44 eX) to two separate mono RCA connectors.

However, instead of using adapters, we recommend to get or make a cable (even if custom) that suits your needs, depending on what you are connecting to it. If you are unsure, show this page to your local musical instrument retailer and let them help you.

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