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Compatibility with VMware Workstation / Player

In general, you cannot use our devices in a virtual Windows installation using a solution like VMware Workstation or VMware Player, which means that ESI does not offer any technical support for this.

While PCI/PCIe and FireWire devices are generally not supported under VMware Workstation / Player, you might have some limited success using a USB based product like a Controller Keyboard or a smaller audio interface: the VMware solutions support USB devices on virtual Windows installations, however the performance is far from what you could expect on a native installation. Never expect that you can have an acceptable setup for any serious recording application inside a virtual machine. Still there might be some special applications where a virtual machine might benefit from having an ESI USB device connected to it. Yet, as mentioned, even though this might work in some rare and special situations, ESI does not offer any technical support for such a setup.

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