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Can I use my PCI Audio Interface with an Intel Mac?

ESI does not provide drivers for our PCI interfaces for Intel Macintosh systems as we only support the usage of our products on genuine Apple hardware. No Intel CPU based Apple hardware is featuring PCI slots as Apple has stopping supporting the PCI interface already with G5 PowerPC generations before the switch to Intel CPUs.

This means that the following products: MAYA44, ESP1010, Waveterminal 192L, Waveterminal 192M, Waveterminal 192X, WaMi Rack 192L and WaMi Rack 192X can only be used with G4 and G5 PowerPC based Macintosh computers from Apple with Mac OS X 10.5 and lower. Mac OS X 10.6 and higher no longer supports the G4 and G5.

Please note that this does not relate to the following PCIe Audio Interfaces: MAYA44e, MAYA44 XTe and Juli@ XTe - they are compatible with Mac Pro systems with Intel CPU (32 and 64-bit), using the Mac OS X driver from the website download section of each product.

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