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My computer headset microphone is not working

The microphone preamps in our interfaces are designed to be used with professional condenser microphones that require +48V phantom power and/or dynamic microphones normally used for live performance or as studio equipment. Such microphones are connected with XLR or 1/4" TRS connectors to the microphone inputs of our products. Our interfaces with microphone preamp work only with such microphones (please note that not all our products provide +48V phantom power).

However, many "consumer" or "computer" headsets do not feature such microphones, but simple electret condenser capsules. That means that they require a small voltage phantom power supplied via an 1/8" mini-jack connector. The typical onboard soundcard of many PC mainboards has a special microphone input connector (which is often a pink-colored connector) that can be used with such a headset microphone, i.e. they are designed to be connected together.

If you need to use a headset, you have one of the following options:

  • connect your headset to your onboard soundcard which would be enabled then
  • use a consumer headset that features USB connection to your computer
  • use a professional headset, i.e. studio equipment, that features a microphone with XLR connector

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