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You have reached our growing online database with information about the usage of our products. You can search for articles or select a product group or a specific product on the right to find an entry. Click here to go back to the Knowledge Base main page. Please use the information from this database before contacting tech support.


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Article Date
Is Windows Server 2012 R2 supported? 2015-03-16
Issues with U46 series and OS X 10.10 - Yosemite 2014-11-20
No function OS X upgrade to Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite 2014-05-29
Headphone output of MAYA44 USB 2014-08-26
Installation of ESP1010 under Windows Vista & 7/8/10 (from v1.17) 2014-09-27
Can I use WaMi Rack 24 under Windows Vista/7/8/10? 2014-08-13
Headphone output of MAYA44 USB+ 2014-08-26
Installation of WaMi Rack 192 under Windows Vista & 7/8 (from v1.10) 2014-09-27
Can I use MAYA44 eX under Windows XP? 2016-12-12
Can I use QuataFire 610 / QuataFire XL under Linux? 2014-08-28
uniK 05+ connectors & functions 2014-09-06
Installation of MAYA44e under Windows Vista & 7/8/10 (from v2.07) 2014-09-26
Can I use more than one MAYA44 eX in one system? 2016-12-11
Headphone output of UDJ6 2014-08-26
Installation of GIGAPORT HD under Windows Vista/7/8.1/10 (from v3.3) 2015-09-16
Specifications for the mikroMERGE / mikroTHRU power supply 2014-08-28
What is the difference between nEar08 MSE and nEar08 eXperience? 2014-09-06
Can I use my Keyboard under Linux? 2014-08-28
What is the difference between KeyControl 49 and KeyControl 49+? 2014-09-02
Differences aktiv 05 Revision A and Revision B 2014-05-16
Can I use Dr. DAC nano standalone without computer? 2014-05-26
Headphone output of GIGAPORT HD/HD+ 2014-08-26
Info about BPM Studio with U46 series 2014-08-20
uniK 08+ connectors & functions 2014-09-06
Differences aktiv 08 Revision A and Revision B 2014-05-16
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