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uniK 08 connectors & functions 2012-04-18 3231 KB00010EN.pdf rear panel trs xlr

uniK 08 connectors & functions

This text describes the layout and main functions of the rear panel of our uniK 08 active studio reference monitors.

Rear Panel

1. XLR input - this connector accepts balanced XLR input connections (optimised for +4dBu). XLR input is wired like this:

+ PIN 2
- PIN 3
Shield PIN 1

2. TS input - this jack accepts TS input connections, unbalanced (optimised for -10dBV). The TS input is wired like this:

Signal Tip
Shield Sleeve

The TS input should not be used with balanced TRS signals. Although this is possible, the input level will not be correct in that case. For balanced connection, please use a XLR cable whenever possible.

3. vent port - uniK 08 is a vented box speaker system with a vent port on the rear panel. Make sure you are not blocking the vent port (i.e. by putting the speaker too close to a wall) or the sound colour will be changed.

4. input level adjustment (volume control knob) - use the volume control knob to set the proper input level from the sound source. Make sure to setup all speakers accordingly. When set to 0dB (middle position), the input level is set to the recommended calibrated level to reach the most optimised dynamic response on the output (expecting a balanced XLR +4dBu or unbalanced TS -10dBV input signal).

5. treble attenuation adjustment - to match your uniK 08 to certain room acoustic requirements, a change in the treble attenuation can be made with this switch. The default and recommended setting is 0dB and normally you can always keep it there. Always make sure to setup all speakers identically.

6. bass roll off adjustment - this switch allows you to match uniK 08 better to a subwoofer and in special situations where the room acoustics require it. The default and recommended setting is 50Hz and normally you can always keep it there. Always make sure to setup all speakers identically.

7. power switch - when you push the power switch, uniK 08 will be turned on, and -surprise- it will be turned off when you push the power switch again.

8. power port with ext. fuse - use this connector to plug in the detachable 3-circuit line cord that connects to the power outlet. The connector contains a replaceable fuse (T2AL/250V).

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