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What is the difference between MaXiO 032 and MaXiO 032e?

MaXiO 032 and MaXiO 032e are very similar in functionality, despite the different metal case design and colors.

Both are 100% driver compatible under any operating system, in fact sometimes in some documents they are refered as the same product, just Revision A or Revision B.

The main difference is that MaXiO 032 ships with a PCI card, while MaXiO 032e with a PCIe card instead. The quality and set of features of the external breakout box, even though they have different designs and colors, are identical. This means that a MaXiO PCIe card will work with the blue breakout box that ships with the PCI card as well as a MaXiO PCI card will work with the white breakout box that ships with the PCIe card.

Also, both the PCI and the PCIe cards are compatible with the EX8000 (up to 4 units can be connected to one PCI or PCIe card).

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