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Changing between +4dBu TRS / -10dBV RCA connectors 2014-08-26 2960 KB00179EN.pdf trs rca connection

Changing between +4dBu TRS / -10dBV RCA connectors

This series of pictures show you how to change between the TRS and RCA connectors (and select the +4dBu and -10dBV standard levels) of Juli@ and Juli@ XTe. The pictures actually show Juli@ XTe, but the process is exactly the same for Juli@. Also these pictures change from RCA (-10dBV) to TRS (+4dBu), if you need to change it back, the process is the same, except that the top part of the card has to be turned into the other direction.

The 4 screws that need to be removed.

Remove the 1st screw.

Remove the 2nd screw.

Remove the 3rd screw.

Remove the 4th screw.

Detach the metal bracket from the card.

Hold the edges of the card carefully to separate the two parts.

Do not touch the chips to avoid damaging the card!

Rotate the top part, then hold the edges carefully and combine the two parts.

After combining the parts with the top turned, it looks like this.

Put the metal bracket back to the card.

Tighten the 4th and 3rd screw again.

Tighten the 2nd and 1st screw again.

Change completed!

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