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Notes about input / recording levels on Juli@ / Juli@ XTe 2014-08-26 3524 KB00178EN.pdf trs rca connection

Notes about input / recording levels on Juli@ / Juli@ XTe

We sometimes get asked about differences in the input and recording levels of Juli@ / Juli@ XTe when recording signals from the analog line input.

Juli@ and Juli@ XTe can be set to accept either +4dBu or -10dBV input signals depending on the usage of the balanced TRS I/O or the unbalanced RCA I/O. Because of that, it is important that the output signal of the device connected to the input is matching the input signal:

If you use a balanced +4dBu rated outputs (typically XLR) on the source device (i.e. let's assume a mixing desk), then you would want to use the balanced +4dBu TRS inputs on Juli@ / Juli@ XTe.

If you use an unbalaced -10dBV rated outputs (typically RCA), then you would use the unbalanced -10dBV RCA inputs on Juli@ / Juli@ XTe.

Now, if you use unbalanced outputs on the source device like a mixing desk and balanced inputs on Juli@ / Juli@ XTe, it would result in different levels and it would appear that the input / recording level is way too low. If it is the other way round, the input / recording level might be too high instead.

So you need to check how you connect your source to Juli@ / Juli@ XTe. Please also note that many devices also allow you to manually adjust the output level, which could help in addition (more information on that can be found here).

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